I am planning to cook this for dinner and am really excited to prepare it c:

what you need...

2 pcs burrito wrappers
10 tbsps hoisin sauce
200 grms leftover adobo (shredded and fried)
50 grms cucumber (julienned)

50 grms carrots (julienned)
Lettuce leaves (chopped)
Mint leaves
Sesame seeds
a pc of lime

what to do...

1. Spread hoisin sauce on burrito wrapper.
2. Arrange adobo, cucumber, lettuce, carrots on bottom half of the burrito. Top with sesame seeds and mint leaves.
3. Roll and wrap tightly.
4. Cut each burrito in four and arrange on a plate.
5. Drizzle with more hoisin sauce and serve with lime on the side.



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