As I have promised I will share my blueberry cheese cake recipe. Since it's my favorite I have my dearest cousin (a chef) to thank for this recipe because she had shared and demonstrated how it was done. Thank you so much Peej c: She now has a resto named " Arla Diner".

It is quite easy because it's cold cooking meaning you won't have burnt worries hehehe c:

You will need...

(for the crust)
1/2 cup melted butter or margarine
1 pack graham crackers (crushed)

(for the filling)
1/2 cup all purpose cream (chilled)
1 cup cream cheese (chilled)
1 packet Knox gelatin/gello ,unflavored (melted in 1/4 cup boiling water)
1 blueberry glaze or Jam

Here's how...

for the crust:

1. In a bowl mix melted butter or margarine with crushed grahams until less grainy.

2. Using a spoon flaten evenly the mixture in a pan or glass pan about 1/2 to an inch deep (depends on how thick you like your crust would be).

3. Let it cool in the freezer for about an hour.

for the filling:

4. In a separate bowl whip with a spatula the cream cheese, all purpose cream and knox melted gello until thoroughly blend.

5. Top the cheese mixture on the chilled crust and let it chill in the freezer again for an hour.

6. After an hour top the jam or glaze and let it chill again for another hour.

7. Slice in squares or into desired shape before serving.

* you can also change the toppings into strawberries or crushed oreos.


  1. Berryblitz said...

    ang sarappppppppppp

    i'll do this one pag laki ni ivan  

  2. iceah said...

    yummy yan c: hehe c: gnawan ko c pasti ngyn ng banana float and kare-kare c: ipopost ko din yun c: thanx for dropping by c:  

  3. Gem said...

    I can relate! I don't bake (wish I had more time) but I can eat lots of that! yum yum!

    That's my favorite cake! Bumaba na ang presyo, I can buy a slice for P45 (P75 dati eh) tapos samahan ko ng brewed coffee!


  4. iceah said...

    @gen yup, not everyone can cook c: kasi dapat your heart is there kung di man willing ka to learn din c:
    nagkainterest lang ako college na c:
    nutrition kasi course ko sa UPLB bago ako nagshift ng Communication Arts c:

    mahal talaga cheese cake kasi mahal din ingredients nyan more or less P250 magagastos mo. kaya nga pinagaralan ko nalang para marami ang share ko hehehe c: :p :9  

  5. Caram said...

    CHEESECAKE :-))))))))))))))))))>  

  6. iceah said...

    hey caram welcome back c: thanx for dropping by c: so this is your fav too c:  


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